Meet Melissa Rae

Hey there! I’m Melissa. 

I discovered Oola in 2014 and have been living my Oola life ever since. Because of Oola, I “get” to spend my days traveling the world, sharing essential oils, exploring new landscapes all while kitesurfing in the most beautiful places on earth. Combining my love of travel with academia I've spent the last 7 years studying various forms of health and healing in all parts of the world. Following this desire to travel the globe, and my commitment to improve and enrich peoples' businesses, relationships & lives, I spend my time teaching, mentoring and leading transformational changes in cities around the world. 

I work with entrepreneurs, couples, and high caliber women who are out to make a difference. Following and trusting the Oola process has given me the tools to live the life of my dreams. As an Oola coach I am here to help you live yours. Can you imagine waking up each morning feeling jazzed, excited and downright turned on by your life? If you're looking to increase the level of play, fun and intimacy in your life, then you're in the right place. Send me a message and lets' go get your Oola life, together.