What If Everyday Felt Like A Vacation?

Can you imagine waking up each morning feeling excited, jazzed and turned on about your life? 

Let me show you how to live your Oola life...

Here's how to get started:


Feeling out of balance these days?  

Together we'll focus on developing actual strategies, habits and systems that make life balance easier and more manageable.

You'll be learning an entirely new way of approaching life. Melissa Rae will personally guide you through this process and in just 10 weeks you'll be living your Oola Life. 

Personal Mentorship

Feeling stuck?  

Melissa’s unique approach to helping her clients in mindset development and inner connection creates a simple path to getting in touch with their inner knowing and designing a life from desire.

Her clients are having breakthroughs in the bedroom and the boardroom which elevate the way they think, speak & live!

Essential Oils + Toxic Free Living

Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Burnt out? 

Well you're not alone and the good news- there is a solution! Learn how to create a toxic free life, a chemical-free home & body using all natural products that harness the power of nature. Small, simple everyday changes make a huge difference. 

About Melissa Rae

Melissa Rae has spent the last decade studying health and healing around the globe, with a certificate in Holistic Health, Bachelors Degrees in Psychology and Communication Studies and a Masters Degree in Global Health.

Following her own desire to travel the world she created her Oola life and business to be 100% location independent. In her commitment to improve and enrich peoples’ business, relationships and lives she spends her time teaching, mentoring and leading transformational experiences in cities around the world. 

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